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Marketing and communication concepts

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The collaboration with Inke was excellent! Her boundless dedication and attention to detail contributed significantly to our success. Her expertise and professionalism have been invaluable to our team, and I have always been amazed at how quickly she familiarizes herself with new topics and markets. The handover at the end went smoothly and I look forward to working with her again for content projects!

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Inke and I worked together for a year. I have rarely experienced such a professional and pleasant exchange between Sales and Marketing. Inke drove our topics forward purposefully and passionately. She drew on years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about B2B marketing and sales. The perfect collaboration.

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As part of the development of a content marketing strategy, I was looking for external support. Already during the first conversation, Inke convinced me with her open-minded, curious, and positive manner. But first and foremost, she shines with extensive know-how in B2B marketing and sales and a highly professional and structured way of working. From campaign concepts to newsletter texts to strategic tasks, Inke always delivers quickly and in top quality, while always maintaining an overview. She doesn't need work instructions - on the contrary: Inke thinks marketing holistically and comes up with really good ideas on her own. If there's an extra mile to go, she makes the most of it. I have come to value Inke very much as a marketing professional, sparring partner and human being and am very happy about our collaboration. I have also been able to learn a lot from her and have taken away, for example, the fussy look at the CI 😉. I also think it's great how Inke keeps up to date on the latest marketing topics and constantly educates herself. Her curiosity is simply inexhaustible.

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I was looking for someone to accompany me regarding my (re)positioning as a consultant and copywriter for Future Work and regarding the relaunch of my website. And this person - and much more - I thankfully found in Inke. She wrote the texts for my website and also sharpened my profile and my offer - and coordinated the project ‘new website’ with other freelancers. After the relaunch, we continue to work together on my newsletters, which she significantly drives forward with texts/ideas and impulses. Professionally, I can rely on Inke 100 %, she's a complete professional and has a 360-degree view. And what else I find so incredibly great: Even in between we talk and she advises me, and we also just chat nicely with each other. Unfortunately, I am in the north and she in the south - otherwise there would have been for sure one or the other joint walk and coffee! I am super happy to know Inke on board Future Work!

Bredenoord hired Inke as an Interim Marketing Expert. She was part of a Dutch & German marketing team and was responsible for the German market. Inke successfully combined project management skills with hands on work. She also helped develop the marketing team with her broad knowledge about all aspects of marketing. Inke is a cheerful, driven and above all professional marketer who won’t take no for an answer if this means the result will be less successful.

"We got Inke on board at a point in which we needed to design a uniform corporate identity and to develop our “DNA”, i.e. to define who we are, what we offer and why cooperation with us is worth it. We also needed the basic marketing process and a model of regular customer communication to be designed. Although Inke was from outside of the sector, she quickly found her feet, coordinated her ideas with all the relevant colleagues and us, and then resolutely implemented them. She avoided marketing blah blah blah and instead provided us with hands-on concepts which could be quickly implemented."

"Inke developed the website/app/Facebook concept for our citizen’s initiative campaigning against a planned disposal site for nuclear waste in the “Saldenburger Granit” area where special granite is found. She also wrote all the texts and managed the project. The web designer implemented the graphic and technical aspects. Between our initial discussion - which included stipulation of specific steps - and the final website, Inke kept all those involved in the project up to date; provided us only with information that was relevant for us, and requested concrete feedback. She provided decision templates so that I could quickly make decisions, without too much personal effort. During the project, she repeatedly created schedules and ensured that these were kept to, without putting me or the Web Designer under time pressure; her project management allowed for this from the start. This is how we cultivated constructive communication and friendly cooperation throughout the whole project."

"Inke joined us for our project on an ad-hoc basis, slightly before the end, and quickly ensured that our two catalogues and our website shared a central theme. The result was a focus on our USPs (unique selling points) and an overall story. Our next step will be to develop a full concept, to set up individual marketing measures to be better-targeted. In my initial consultation, Inke’s focus was on efficiently supporting me in my tasks and representing good value. She also offered me short- and long-term solutions that I only needed to choose between."

Content Marketing

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"Inke lives and loves content! Whether writing knowledge articles, press releases, user reports, newsletters, SEO texts or developing a holistic content marketing strategy. Inke knows exactly how to reach and convince the right target group at the right time with the right communication measures. Working with her is ALWAYS highly professional, efficient, effective, and just plain fun. Thanks to Inke, I have come to know and love copywriting and I am more than grateful for the valuable tips and tricks she has given me along the way. Inke, you are just creative, structured, inquisitive and always a little step ahead of the times. I am looking forward to everything that is still to come. Because you can always be counted on 100 %."

"Inke wrote our leaflet on rehabilitation for children, a comprehensive guide for parents of physically disabled children. During the bidding phase, she provided me with the details of a structure for handling the project, which was a great help for me. She quickly got to grips with the topic and met all our content requirements in full. In addition, she was always open to suggestions and delivered work absolutely on time, even though it was a short-term project. Inke’s cooperation with us was exemplary and frictionless."

Project and event management

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