Advertising or marketing projects

Do you need someone to keep track of complex marketing projects, to support and bring together everyone involved to create something big as a team? Then perhaps I’m the right person for you, whether for online or offline projects.

I work for my customers as an Interim Marketing Manager or Project Manager for digital and classic projects, on a long- and short-term basis. I’m not scared of tough deadlines. I keep everything firmly under control, but nevertheless lead projects with a relaxed cooperation style and without too much pressure.

I value getting all participants to pull together: agencies and graphic designers receive concrete briefings with suitable deadlines and everyone heads in the same direction.

"I brought Inke on board in the context of re-structuring in my team. We had already often worked together as part of Inke’s numerous online projects in her previous department; at that time, her marketing activities were exclusively targeted at Business-to-Business (B2B) customers. I valued her project management, how she involved all participants, created schedules, efficiently briefed agencies and did not waste anyone’s time. In my team, her online projects were predominantly targeted at private customers (Business-to-Consumer or B2C). She quickly found her feet for this new focus, approached her projects in a structured and strategic way, and colleagues and other participants (web designers, graphic designers and sometimes customers too) valued her excellent project management."

Within certain limits I can also steer or manage IT or digitalization projects. In the past, I worked a lot with databases, efficient database management and CRM systems; at times I was also responsible for specialist and technical aspects of the Marketing Sales Processes in the systems. I am not an IT technician, but I know about the requirements and sensitivities in IT projects and I am able to translate specialist requirements into IT requirements, or to create IT processes. I also love digitalization: I was able to pursue this passion in my role at Samsung, where I was involved in matters such as tablet lessons and efficient IT in public authorities, hospitals or retail. I also follow developments in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with great interest and use AI tools for content creation.

Event/­Exhibition Planning

Are you planning an event? And would you like help with organization? Everything needs to be in the right place at the right time, guests need to be looked after, the location, food and perhaps music must be consistent, internal and external participants must receive all the relevant information, etc.... I’m also happy to do this for you! I’ve already organized numerous national and international trade fairs, conferences and events and love the challenge of coordinating the many people involved so that everything is consistent on D-Day and that the event is a success.

"When Inke joined us, we needed to put together a customer event to celebrate our latest washing system. The idea of the Meat Car Race, a type of soapbox derby in meat boxes, was innovative and entertaining: it was absolutely right for us. She took over the full organization and went from the initial idea to the event within seven weeks, including branding. Even with all the fun of the MCR, Inke did not forget about the business aspects. She developed a top-class framework program for us, which provided visitors with the relevant content for their business."